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The world of psychology can be a fascinating place.  It is my hope that over the next few months, you will learn a lot about how the field works and different topics related to it.  This website is designed to be an intergral part of your Psychology experience in my class.


Each tab below corresponds to a particular class.  In each class section, you will find the following information:

  • Syllabi for the course

  • Powerpoint presentations for the lectures

  • Additional links for more in-depth information related to different topics

  • Links to homework videos for viewing

  • Additional resources (i.e. APA format)



In addition, the Psychology Blog will be used to update you throughout the semester. It will be used to communicate any changes to the class (i.e. unanticipated cancelled classes) as well as additional readings and extra credit opportunities. Checking it a minimum of once a week is strongly suggested.


I hope you enjoy your experience with the class and website and feel free to contact me or the t.a with any comments and suggestions you have. It is my hope to incorporate as many suggestions from visitors to make the site as useful and interesting as possible! 





 Shattering the Silence Youth Suicide Prevention

Careers in Psychology




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